The 2023 school year is a long way off, but we don’t have to wait. Connect with us today to hear about upcoming opportunities.


This is the school you’ve been waiting for!

Our vision is to create an environment where educators can breathe again. At TNA we are looking for educators to join in creating a model that prioritizes the health and happiness of all students.

Current Openings

Community Engagement Coordinators
We have begun the search for our Community Engagement Coordinators! These positions will be responsible for student/family recruitment and engagement. Candidates who speak Spanish or Arabic are highly encouraged to apply! Click here for job description.

Educate the Whole Child

The purpose of education is more than tests and compliance. Check out our core values below to see how they are embedded into the school’s culture.

Learning through Challenges

We encourage (and require) active student learning. We’ve curated a nature-based curriculum that brings learning outdoors but still leaves room for teachers to add their own spice!

Sustaining Health and Happiness

You are more than a cog in the machine. Your health and happiness is important to us. We emphasize the health and happiness of our students and staff in order to build a sustainable organization.

Building Connectedness

As a diverse-by-design model, we seek a diverse staff to represent our diverse community. A step beyond that, we develop cultural competencies so differences are celebrated and injustices are addressed.

Impacting the Community

Your impact as an educator will be multifaceted. You will work on a team to help students grow academically, while providing a nurturing environment for student identity development.

Future Openings

Director of Operations
Hiring Begins: January 2023; Start date: Spring of 2023
After authorization, we will begin the search for our Director of Operations. This person will manage the day-to-day operations of the school that do not relate to academics.

Licensed TN Teacher
Hiring begins: January 2023; Start date: Summer of 2023
We will be hiring founding teachers for all subject areas, including Exceptional Education and English Language Learners.