Tennessee Nature Academy

Tennessee Nature Academy is a free nature-based public charter school in the Antioch-Cane Ridge community. We will serve students and families in grades 5-12, beginning with our founding 5th and 6th grade class in the 2023-2024 school year. Our research-based model uses nature-based learning and play to support students’ academic success, build students’ social and community connections, and promote students’ well-being.

In a nature-based school model, learning takes place in or is applied to the outdoors and to our local community whenever possible. At Tennessee Nature Academy, this means that:

  • Students might travel from their classroom and attend class in an outdoor classroom for one or more periods in a day.
  • Students might study the adaptations of Tennessee wildlife in science class, apply their knowledge of fractions to design a community garden in math class, and read nonfiction texts about biodiversity in English Language Arts.
  • Students have short breaks throughout the day to play and socialize with their friends outside.
  • Students participate in core outdoor student experiences (like visiting a state park and a farm) and learn from experts in working in agriculture and conservation.

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