Sustaining Health and Happiness

Kids are more than a test score.

Tennessee Nature Academy believes that the best practices are sustainable practices. We recognize the need for sustainability to exist in our relationships with others and with the environment. TNA uses systems that help students learn to care for their mental and physical well-being and support our community’s culture using restorative, relationship-based ethics and practices. Our emphasis on nature taps into the well-researched, curative effect of spending time learning, playing, and simply being outdoors.

Emphasis on Nature

We are committed to growth and development in the long haul, which is why we have adopted a restorative approach to our relationships with others and with nature.

Time to Play

Kids need time to be kids. Our schedule sets aside time for all students for fun, exploration, socialization, and self-discovery.

Healthy Habits

Research demonstrates that time in nature leads to positive health benefits. In addition to superb academics, our school emphasizes healthy lifestyles. Students take home tips on exercise, healthy eating, and forming positive relationships.

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